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Sheriff Kevin H. Turner

     Kevin Turner is a veteran law enforcement officer who started his career as a patrol deputy in the Madison County Sheriff's Office in 1992. After his appointment, he attended the Alabama Peace Officers' Standards and Training Commission's (APOSTC) Basic Police Academy in Jacksonville, Alabama. Over the next six years, he served as a patrol deputy, both a juvenile and adult investigator and was appointed North Alabama's first Gang Investigator after receiving national certification from the National Gang Crime Research Center in Chicago, Illinois. After his gang investigator certification, Kevin was appointed as a Narcotics Agent/Gang Investigator with the North East Alabama Regional Drug Task Force. While at this assignment, Kevin led the effort to investigate, document, and track gang offenders involved with drug trafficking organizations and other violent crimes. This allowed Kevin to explore and document known gang members in Huntsville/Madison County and throughout the other northern counties of Alabama.

     In 1998, Kevin was appointed as an investigator with the Madison County District Attorney's Office, Criminal Investigations Division, and The Violent Crime Unit, where he continued his duties as a gang investigator and participated in the investigation of such crimes as Homicide, Robbery and Home Invasions with other local agencies. As a gang investigator, Kevin assisted in developing and implementing the area's first gang intelligence database. They oversaw the implementation of the area's first federal grant that focused on early childhood intervention in gang violence. While continuing to work for the district attorney, Kevin was also assigned to the Madison County Drug Task Force as a Narcotics Agent and Gang Investigator, where his deep connections to the Huntsville/Madison County Community made him a sought-after asset to other local and federal agencies. 

     During his career, Kevin was a member of the Madison-Morgan County Strategic Counterdrug Team(STAC), where he continued his career as a drug agent and gang investigator. He eventually assisted in founding the Alabama Gang Investigators Association, where he served as the association's founding President. While at the Madison-Morgan County Strategic Counterdrug Team(STAC), he was also assigned to the Major Investigations Unit, which led the charge to investigate, disrupt, and dismantle drug trafficking organizations in Madison and surrounding counties. He has been decorated multiple times for his leadership and participation in some of the most significant state and federal drug trafficking/money laundering cases in recent years. 

     In 2004, Kevin was recognized by the National Gang Crime Research Center by receiving the Frederick Milton Thrasher Award and as the national conference's keynote speaker. The Thrasher Award was created in 1992 to honor and recognize outstanding individuals for superior service, accomplishments, or leadership in the fight to make our society safer from the threat posed by violent criminal gangs. In February 2005, he was appointed a Special Task Force Agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives(BATF), where he continued to work with the Madison-Morgan County Strategic Counterdrug Team(STAC) specifically to investigate and federally prosecute gun crimes that occurred in Huntsville/Madison County. In September 2010, Kevin Turner was appointed as the Chief Investigator for the Madison County District Attorney's Office, where he assumed command of several different units, including the Criminal Investigations Division, The Worthless Check Unit, Restitution and Recovery, Computer Forensics Unit, as well as the Violent Crime Unit. During this time, Kevin continued participating at the Madison-Morgan County Strategic Counterdrug Team(STAC) by assisting in state and federal investigations. 

     Over his years of dedicated service, Kevin has developed strong ties with many local, state, and federal agencies that have routinely relied on him for his investigative expertise and experience. This has led to Kevin's involvement in over 30 homicide investigations and countless other crimes, such as rape, robbery, drug trafficking, and many other specialized violent crimes. 

     As a result of his close connection to numerous other law enforcement partners, Kevin has been relied on for his investigative ability and for communicating and passing on to others through instruction and his knowledge as an investigator. He has been an instructor for the National Gang Research Center, The Huntsville Police Department's Police Academy, the N.E. Alabama Police Academy, and countless in-service training modules for most local and state agencies. Kevin has dedicated himself over the past 24 years to teaching others outside of law enforcement about the dangers of drugs and gangs, including teaching in almost every level of grade school and high school, hospitals, churches, and other civic organizations.


    In 2022, the voters of Madison County re-elected Sheriff Turner to a second term as their Sheriff. Over the last four years, we have added more deputies, patrol vehicles, equipment, and key staff to support our evolving public safety responsibilities. The men and women of the Madison County Sheriff's Office demonstrate top-notch public safety, unmatched professionalism, and genuine concern for the citizens and visitors of our county. We collaborate with local law enforcement agencies to close gaps and enhance the safety of the entire county. Sheriff Kevin Turner has the vision, skill, and determination to further the excellence of this nationally accredited law enforcement agency.







Stacy Bates

Chief Deputy 

Madison County Sheriff's Office


     Stacy Bates was appointed Chief Deputy over the Administrative Bureau with the Madison County Sheriff's Office on January 14, 2019, by Sheriff Kevin Turner.


     Chief Bates is a Madison County resident with eighteen years of law enforcement experience. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Athens State University, and some of his law enforcement supervision and leadership experiences include:


  • Internal Affairs Commander
  • Narcotics Commander
  • SWAT Commander
  • Public Information Officer
  • Shift Commander
  • School Resource Officer Unit Supervisor
  • Patrol Supervisor
  • Honor Guard Supervisor
  • Mobile Field Force Supervisor





Chad Brooks

 Chief of Corrections/Jail Administrator

Madison County Sheriff's Office


     Chad Brooks was appointed Chief of Corrections/Jail Administrator for the Madison County Sheriff's Office on May 1, 2019, by Sheriff Kevin Turner. Chief Brooks is a lifelong resident of Madison County and has 21yrs law enforcement experience in the Sheriff's Office. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from the University of Alabama Huntsville. Some of his additional law enforcement supervision and leadership experiences include:

  • Accounting/Finance Director
  • Special Operations Division Commander
  • Records/Communication Division Commander
  • Accreditation/Compliance Manager
  • Uniform Patrol Supervisor
  • Field Training Supervisor
  • Criminal Investigator
  • Uniform Patrol Deputy




Shane Turley

 Major/Enforcement Division

Madison County Sheriff's Office

Shane was appointed to Major with the Madison County Sheriff's Office by Sheriff Kevin Turner on February 26, 2023.

Major Turley is a resident of Madison County with 17 years of law enforcement experience. He has an Associate of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Some of his law enforcement experience includes:

  • 3rd Shift Patrol Officer
  • Field Training Officer
  • Mobile Field Force
  • Narcotics Investigator
  • Investigator for the District Attorney's Office
  • Nationally Certified Gang Investigator
  • Task Force Agent for the DEA
  • Street Crimes Unit Supervisor
  • Narcotics Unit Supervisor



J.R. Bulluck
Captain/Support Division
Madison County Sheriff's Office





Charles Zeissler
Captain/Uniform Patrol Division
Madison County Sheriff's Office



Pete Hose

Captain/Criminal Investigations Division

Madison County Sheriff's Office





Greg Free
Captain/Internal Affairs Division
Madison County Sheriff's Office




Cody Locke
Captain/Special Services Division
Madison County Sheriff's Office






Steven D. Setzer

Captain/Corrections Division

Madison County Sheriff's Office





Brent Patterson

Public Information Officer

Media & Community Relations



Madison County Sheriff's Office

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