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Multiple Arrests Following Search Warrant in NW Madison County


March 8, 2017


Sheriff Blake Dorning announced today that in the early morning hours on March 7, 2017 the Madison County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team executed a search warrant for the Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit and the Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives Agency at the 900 Block of McKee RD in Toney, Alabama and a storage building in Northwest Madison County. The result of the Search Warrant was the seizure of approximately 30 pounds of Analog Narcotics, 6 firearms, and $7,000 in cash. Also seized was a large bag of a white powdery substance believed to be Heroin and Fentanyl. This belief is based on indications from the use of field test kits. Arrested as a result of the Search Warrant execution was Salayetha McCraney, black female, born in 1985. She was charged with Trafficking Analogs and Possession of Marijuana 1st. The total bond amount is $515,000. Also arrested was Bobby DeAndre Lamb, black male, born in 1988. He was arrested for Trafficking Analogs, Possession of Marijuana 1st, and Certain Persons Forbidden to possess a firearm. His total bond $125,000. Cortez Whiteside, black male, born in 1988 was also arrested for Trafficking Analog Narcotics and his bond is $100,000. Lamb and Whiteside are believed to be residents of Gadsden, Alabama. The estimated value of the Analog Narcotics is $300,000. If the white powdery substance is proven to be Heroin and Fentanyl the estimated value of the Narcotic seizure will be $500,000. Based on the investigation of the firearms seized, a determination of federal prosecution may take place. The investigation is ongoing based on toxicology and firearms examination. The results of those examinations may result in additional charges.

Salayetha McCraney, Bobby Lamb, and Cortez Whiteside were arrested on probable cause by the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and are presumed innocent until determined otherwise by the judicial system.

Questions concerning this release may be directed to Madison County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division (CID) Capt. Michael Salomonsky (256) 533-8820.