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The Jury Duty Scam


Madison County Sheriff’s Office

Huntsville, Alabama

Blake L. Dorning-Sheriff



December 27, 2017

Sheriff Blake Dorning announced today December 27, 2017 that the Madison County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous reports of “The Jury Duty Scam”. The scammers will use a device to call that will display one of our office numbers like 256-532-3414. Scammers will tell the person that answers that they are Lieutenant Kerry Phillips (or another employee) of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, and that they have missed jury duty and a warrant will be issued for them. Scammers then tell the person that they can avoid a warrant by going to get a Visa Green Dot, Kroger, Office Depot or other type of pre-loaded debit-card for amounts of $700.00 to $1000.00. The scammers will then give another phone number to be called back to read the card number to. This scam has occurred before in this area on several occasions over past years. This agency will never call anyone to notify of missed jury duty, outstanding warrants or collection of money. If this type call is received or other suspicious calls we ask that citizens call our dispatch at 256-722-7181.

Questions concerning this release may be directed to Madison County Sheriff’s Office PIO Lieutenant Donny Shaw at 256-532-3711 or