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Arrest and Update on Investigation


Yoni Martinez Augilar and Israel Gonzalez Polomino were arrested overnight on Capital Murder Charges. The deceased, missing and arrestees all were acquainted with each other.
Based on leads developed overnight the Madison County Sheriff's Office responded to Moon Cemetery on Cave Springs Road, After a short time human remains were located and a death investigation initiated. There is reason to believe that the remains are those of Oralia Mendoza, the missing guardian/grandmother of Maria Lopez. However, positive identification will have to be made by the Department of Forensic Sciences. We will provide further information as the investigation allows.
This investigation continues based on the need further questioning of individuals that may have knowledge of the deceased, arrestees and those residing in their community.
A more formal press release or conference will be forthcoming, but unknown as to an exact time frame.
Subjects arrested are done so based on probable cause and are to be presumed innocent until deemed otherwise by a court of law.